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Pleading, Deed and Agreement Draft Services

Draft all probate, inheritance, distribution settlement and redemption agreements, and coordinate such with acting legal counsel. We can also facilitate legal engagements for such services with our attorney relationships.

Michael B. Green

We have prolonged experience drafting pleadings for law firms. We are identifying our drafting services in the area of probate, trust administration, and Nebraska Inheritance Tax. We sincerely enjoy working with attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants in drafting any and all related pleadings in this area.

Probate proceedings typically involve an opening (formal or informal), notice (published or otherwise), a claim date (and response date), an Inventory, the Nebraska Inheritance Tax Determination (and satisfaction), distribution, and a closing (again, formal, or informal). We have decades of experience drafting these pleadings as well as addressing the underlying issues of the estate administration along the way. We work in concert with law firms to serve in this area. We have many quality relationships to connect clients to legal counsel with respect to estates of any size.

Frequently, part of the distribution process involves the execution of deeds. We again can work alongside legal counsel to draft deeds, including, but not limited to, Deeds of Distribution, Personal Representative’s Deeds, Quitclaim Deeds, Warranty Deeds, etc., to meet estate and trust administration and distribution needs.

Additionally, on occasion (if not more frequently), estates, families, or family-owned businesses are in need of settlement agreements or redemption agreements. We have significant experience in these situations and can work directly with legal counsel and clients to draft and complete any agreements of this nature. When applicable, we can work with legal counsel to ensure that such agreements satisfy any pleading standards required by courts.

Finally, we are also seasoned in the drafting of Renunciations and Disclaimers, Qualified Severances, Like-Kind Exchanges, Installment Sale Agreements, etc. We relish working with legal and tax professionals to incorporate such estate and tax planning tools for the betterment of clients.

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