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Distribution Planning Services

Assist in determining outright distribution to a set of beneficiaries, typically in concert with a Will, Trust Agreement or Distribution Settlement, with the observation of equitable equalization/allocation within the beneficiary classes. Coordination of such services is typically with legal counsel, particularly if such distribution is part of probate proceedings, etc.

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Similar to our trust funding services, we offer distribution planning services. In some cases, Wills or Trust Agreements simply provide for the outright distribution of assets to beneficiaries. We have the experience and expertise in satisfying such events.

In some cases, beneficiaries may owe amounts to estates or trusts while also serving as beneficiaries of such estates or trusts. We have the knowledge and know-how to think outside the box and remedy these types of events.

In other cases, the manner of completing distributions is in and of itself an issue. We have the knowledge, experience, and history of collaborating with legal, tax and investment professionals to accomplish such distributions. A list of applicable distribution instruments includes, but is not limited to, deeds, assignments, stock powers, distribution settlement agreements, redemptions, purchase agreements, buy-sell agreements, installment sale agreements, disclaimers, gifts, charitable contributions, like-kind exchanges, and rollovers, to name a few. We are well-versed in all areas, and we excel in either leading or supporting action items alongside legal counsel, CPA firms, corporate fiduciaries, investment advisors, and the like.

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The Fiduciary Consultant offers collaborative services to legal, accounting, and corporate fiduciary professionals.

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