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Perform tax law research, including case law, treasury regulations, state statutes, the Internal Revenue Code, tax bulletins, etc. We proudly use Bloomberg’s renown BNA Tax Portfolios as part of our tax research software.

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This service piggy-backs upon Financial Evaluation Services. While performing financial evaluations of estate and trust assets is important, in some cases, the analysis needs to go beyond the norm. If an estate or trust owns a business interest, then liquidity and cash flow analyses might serve clients well. For portfolios involving marketable securities, income measurements, growth analyses, and overall industry and market capitalization allocations may play a role.

We have worked with trust departments, investment advisors, investment managers, and the likes for decades to ensure that fiduciaries of estates and trusts are prudent in their investment decisions and allocations. Since no outcome is guaranteed, we have also played a part in identifying concerns, pivot opportunities, etc. In other instances, we have worked with professionals to optimize loss harvesting strategies.

We also work with select private equity firms in select business sectors. For example, if the beneficiaries of an estate or trust inherit wealth consisting predominantly of a family farm and no longer have an interest in running the farm, we have a relationship with a private equity fund that can acquire the farm in exchange for units in the private equity fund, resulting in the diversification of farm investments, the transition of farm operations and management, and the conversion of active (ordinary) income to passive income. These farm professionals also have ground-breaking technology in the world of analytics to enhance the productivity of farms.

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The Fiduciary Consultant offers collaborative services to legal, accounting, and corporate fiduciary professionals.

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