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Fiduciary and Beneficiary Communication Services

Prepare informal accounting calculations for estates and trusts. For court purposes, we can coordinate with law firms and CPA firms to complete all formal accountings. We can also assist in the coordination of QuickBooks accounts for businesses, estates, and trusts with our bookkeeping relationships.

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An integral part of estate and tax planning is communication. Many complex strategies and elections require transparency, explanation, and acquiescence. In many cases, this requires careful and methodical communication with legal counsel, tax advisors, tax preparers, fiduciaries, beneficiaries, investment liaisons, and in some instances, business officers. We excel in this area.

On occasion, it is required for fiduciaries to report to beneficiaries. Our expertise lends a hand in this area, as we work with law firms, tax firms and fiduciaries to ensure that all parties privy to applicable information are informed in proper fashion and in a timely manner.

It is also our experience, that in select instances, fiduciaries or beneficiaries request our communication in lieu of direct communication between each other. In instances where attorneys have potential conflicts of interest (absent any form of waiver by the applicable parties), we can serve as the conduit for communication, negotiations, and resolution.

We also believe strongly that when advisable, practical, and applicable, professional service groups operate and communicate as a team. It is our mission to bring professional service peers together and build long-lasting, dynamic teams to serve clients rather than watch each professional service sector tear each other apart. It is our position that attorneys, accountants, brokers, bankers, and agents are better working together rather than diminishing or excluding one another.

Also, in many cases, individual fiduciaries are often beneficiaries as well. In those instances, it is important that the fiduciary separate the two capacities and operate and communicate effectively in such roles. Our background and understanding in the areas of estates, trusts, etc., allows us to assist in such action.

And finally, we are well-versed in addressing notices, requests, and clarifications with the IRS, state governments, counties, other counsel, interested parties, claimants, etc. We collaborate well with our legal and tax peers to ensure that fiduciaries, estates, and trusts are in good compliance.

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The Fiduciary Consultant offers collaborative services to legal, accounting, and corporate fiduciary professionals.

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