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Cost Segregation Study Coordination Services

Coordinate with our cost segregation study relationship to provide clients with cost segregation study or other depreciation acceleration strategies for estates, trusts, or business entities with depreciation property, including, but not limited to, commercial real estate, etc.

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Sophisticated investors, particularly in the commercial real estate world, know all about cost segregation studies. In laymen’s terms, cost segregation (“cost seg”) studies involving examining a building and determining which components are not fixtures of the property and could hypothetically get removed. Cost Seg firms, typically made up of engineers and accountants, identify such items and determine new depreciation schedules for a property. Cost Seg Reports then typically illustrate the Time Value of Money (TVM) savings an owner receives by using the accelerated depreciation amount. In short, a Cost Seg expert shows owners if the Cost Seg Study is worth the cost of the engagement.

With estates and trusts, a decedent’s death may open the door to initiate or perhaps even revisit a Cost Seg Study. The impact could provide beneficiaries with generous tax savings.

We partner with Cost Seg firms. We also serve as communication and information conduits between Cost Seg firms and clients, law firms, tax firms, and fiduciaries. Perhaps most importantly, our experience allows us to determine when a Cost Seg Study has potential.

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