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General Fiduciary Consultant Services

Provide attorneys, accountants, fiduciaries, or individuals with general consulting services. This service is meant to serve as a “catch all” for any services not otherwise defined in our other service categories.

Michael B. Green

While we have identified a number of service types that we offer, there always is a need that does not quite fit a category. In those instances, we offer our General Fiduciary Consultant Services. This is designed to serve as a “catch all” for anything and everything in the estates, trusts, and fiduciary world that is not otherwise covered in our other service categories.

For example, a CPA may call us with a specific estate or trust issue. They may ask for our opinion or ask if they are on the right path. We can serve as that resource.

In other instances, an attorney may ask if we have ever encountered an issue of XYZ. Again, we can share our experience and expertise with them.

In other instances, a fiduciary may have a general question about something that is not in the direct line of legal counsel. Again, we can share our experience and expertise. In some cases, that may mean referring that fiduciary to legal counsel or a CPA.

We feel strongly that offering our experience, skills, wisdom, and outlook can have a positive impact on mankind. We feel that serving others gives purpose. We feel that collaboration and team-building, rather than destruction and competition, is a better way of life. We feel that establishing long-lasting relationships with widows, attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, CPA’s, accountants, bookkeepers, personal representatives, trustees, trust officers, investment advisors, investment managers, brokers, agents, appraisers, valuation experts, bankers, etc., gives us purpose and joy, all while holding a sense of humility, professionalism, and a motto of underpromise-overdeliver.

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The Fiduciary Consultant offers collaborative services to legal, accounting, and corporate fiduciary professionals.

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Michael B. Green