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Perform tax law research, including case law, treasury regulations, state statutes, the Internal Revenue Code, tax bulletins, etc. We proudly use Bloomberg’s renown BNA Tax Portfolios as part of our tax research software.

Michael B. Green

Estate planning involves a great deal of care, attention to detail, and expertise.  It is vitally important to have excellent estate planning counsel for even the most modest amount of wealth.  Estate planning dovetails with financial tax planning, wealth preservation planning, tax deferral planning, tax credit planning, income splitting, elimination, asset protection, life insurance, annuities, buy-sell agreements, special business issue planning, elderly and disability planning, tax return requirements, and perhaps most importantly, post-mortem planning.

Titling your assets becomes very important in this endeavor.  The use of trusts, corporations, partnerships, joint tenancy, tenants in common, limited liability companies, family foundations, retirement plans, custodianships, life estates, etc., can potentially serve as part of an estate.  Federal and state-specific laws relate not only to estates, but in certain instances, can potentially relate to these select areas.

We have decades of experience in these areas.  We also have distinguished relationships with legal, tax, and fiduciary firms who possess specific expertise in these practice areas.  We also work with service professionals with current and existing relationships with clients.

With the Internal Revenue Code well over a million words, and with many states having their own unique estate, trust and tax laws, legal and tax research issues surface from time to time.  We have extensive experience performing legal and tax research.  One of our resources, Bloomberg’s renown BNA Tax Portfolios, is a prized component of our research software.

For several decades, I personally have performed numerous legal and tax research studies for law firms, tax firms, and clients. Solid research supporting any position is critical. The best research and planning helps avoid the pitfalls that are magnified in many of the court cases that raise the hand of the IRS as the winner. Solid research and planning helps clients claim victory and perhaps most objectively, avoid court battles and the related costs altogether.

We also have working relationships with many state and local institutions as well as extensive experience in researching and resolving state and local issues. We also partner with a tax controversy firm that can address and resolve even the most complicated tax issues. While the Fiduciary Consultant attempts to adhere to legal and tax issues specific to estates, trusts, and fiduciaries, we can certainly serve as the spoke in the wheel for most legal and tax issues, and we certainly have the relationships to steer anyone to the right expert for any given issue, no matter the nuance.

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