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Tap into our appraiser and valuation expert relationships to coordinate any appraisal or valuation needs relating to real estate, property, business interests, collectibles, etc.

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In the estate and trust world, the determination of fair market value of assets is common. In the case of marketable securities, our software and know-how settle the fair market value (FMV) issue. In other instances, the asset is more difficult to value. Enter the world of appraisers.

We have relationships with some of the best appraisers in the world. We can obtain appraisals and the like for real estate, businesses, equipment, etc. Our relationships with appraisers extend to the point where they know the purpose of the appraisal (estate tax purposes, buy-sell agreement instances, gift tax purposes, etc.).

Because family-owned businesses typically involve marketability and control issues, our appraisers are experts in the area of identifying and determining valuation discounts that meet good-faith and reasonable standards. Of course, that does not mean the IRS and the like will not challenge such valuations. In such cases, our appraisers typically stand out in terms of defending their valuations.

While we do not directly appraise properties or businesses, we do offer the coordination of such services by serving as the liaison between clients and appraisers. We have discovered that our role in these situations produces superior results for clients. There are quite a few key issues to understand in addressing appraisals and we are confident in bridging that information gap between appraisers and clients.

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