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Decedent’s Final Income Tax Return Preparation Services

Prepare decedent’s final federal income tax returns (Form 1040 and state versions thereof). We can coordinate the preparation of any Form 1040 with the Forms 1041 and/or 706 to ensure the optimal use of available deductions, etc. We can also coordinate the transition of ongoing Form 1040 preparation for surviving spouses through our excellent tax firm and CPA firm relationships.

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First and foremost, we are not holding ourselves out as a firm to prepare everyday income tax returns for individuals. While we certainly can accommodate such, we prefer to focus on income tax returns that relate to the area of trusts and estates. Accordingly, our focus is to involve our company in decedent’s final federal income tax returns (Form 1040 and state versions thereof).

In situations where a spouse dies during the year, the surviving spouse will need to file a final joint income tax return. In other instances, when an unmarried individual dies, the decedent’s estate will need to file a final individual income tax return. We excel in these situations.

In many cases, a decedent’s federal estate tax return, gift tax return, estate or trust fiduciary income tax return, and a decedent’s final income tax return are harmonious. We can prepare or review all such tax work to ensure that all are timely filed and that all dovetail with one another. In many cases, we can handle these one-time events, and then hand things back to a family tax preparer.

Above all, we are not looking to taking clients from a service provider. We are looking to collaborate with any and all family service providers. We are looking to inject our expertise and experience in the estates and trusts area to best serve families – all while building and improving the professional services team for families. An excellent outcome of any project includes a happy and successful client and a long-lasting set of relationships with service professionals.

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